Some might state that it’s cliche to say “a healthy body is a happy body”. But in Dynamic Teen Company, they make sure that their beneficiaries and volunteers are healthy and happy. And what better way to do it than with the organization’s annual Medical Mission.

DTC volunteers in the Medicine station


Volunteers gathered in the organization’s Recreational Center bright and early last April 30, 2016 to get a head start with the preparations of the event. Doctors and nurses were present to conduct the tests for the kids and the volunteers and they were enthusiastic as ever.

semi annual weight check for the beneficiaries of the Medical Mission


One of the priorities of DTC is to ensure that the health of every kid is being taken care of. Each year, a medical mission is being conducted to identify the nutritional status ofLEAP (Learner’s Educational Aid Program), DOSE (Drop-Out and Out-of-School Edification Program), KHSH (Kariton Senior High School) Students and the volunteers. Check ups were provided to monitor the condition of the kids as well as medicine & vitamins to ensure that their ailments will be attended to.


Doctor inspects the patient’s throat if it’s infected


The program has been organized to be lively as any outreach as an encouragement to be active and to live healthy. Although it is no secret that kids of this generation are more prone to sickness due to lack of exercise and the absence of nutritious food, Dynamic Teen Company guarantees that with their programs and events, these kids will learn the value of playing outside and being fit.


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