By: Maricar Aganinta
(KHS Grade 12 Student, SY 2019-2020)

It is another fun experience for the students of Kariton Senior High School. Performers from Tanghalang Pilipino Theater visit the KSHS for a workshop. Ms. Lhorvie Ann Nuevo who is a thetre actress and Mr. Jonathan Tadioan, who is actor and director of the theatrical play “Nang Dalawin ng Pag-ibig si Juan Tamad” from Tanghalang Pilipino helped improve the acting, singing and dancing skills of grade 11 students of KSHS for their musical theater play entitled “True Love Waits”. They shared their knowledge about theater arts, including internalization, vocal warm ups, characterization, good delivery of dialogue, blocking, ad-lib, entering and exiting the stage, gesture, and other related practices for theater that could help the actors and actresses of Ttue Love Waits in improving their performance. It’s an opportunity for the KSHS students to experience a workshop about theatrical play.

For a three-month preparation of “True Love Waits”, all students of KSHS focus on the task that was assigned for each of them. The grade 11 students were focused on improving their theatrical performance. The workshop provided by Tanghalang Pilipino increased the confidence of actors and actresses of the event and also helped the whole theatrical play to improve.

Mr. Fernando Josef also known as “Tatang”, an artistic director from Tanghalang Pilipino visited Kariton Senior High School and gave comments and suggestions for the improvement of musical theatrical play “True Love Waits”. The KSHS students were motivated and encouraged to hear the positive comments from them that boosted their confidence in make the program successful. Director Fernando Josef, Mr. Jonathan Tadioan and Ms. Lhorvie Ann Nuevo played an important role in developing and molding the skills of KHS students


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