For a couple of years, Dynamic Teen Company has conducted all their outreaches and programs during the daylight. But last October 21, 2016, they broke that streak and launched a brand new project called K4 NIGHT-OUT.

K4 Night-Out is a special outreach program of DTC for it is not like the outreach that is customary to the organization. The volunteers do not teach; instead, they have small conversations with those that are being catered by K4 Night-Out as well as conduct a feeding program with the children and their families during the late hours of the day while they are still working. And by working, I mean scavenging for food, street sweeping, etc.

Why has this project been carried out? The purpose of this very project is to extend love and care to those people who don’t have the luxury of enjoying the daylight. This was spearheaded by the organization’s working volunteers who are still looking for an avenue to reach out despite their busy schedule. The volunteers include Glen Penaflorida, the Solis Family, Ma’am Jen, Carleen Santiago and many others.
The K4 Night-Out outreach is being held every Friday night, 9 PM with a total of 5 to 10 volunteers per week.
With this new approach, it is clear that the organization is piercing through the hearts and lives of more people as they look at a different angle.

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