PRESIDENTRandie Salonga

He is one of the most outstanding leaders of the group. He was formerly one of the curriculum developer of Kariton Klasrum and former Education Unit head. During his term as the Education Unit head, educational programs of the group was strengthen and supplemented. He currently serves as the Principal of an Elementary School after being promoted from being the Department Head of Cavite National High School.

Chief Operating OfficerEfren Peñaflorida Jr.

He was bullied during high school and lost his interest to learn and finish his studies. Along with him and two other co-founders, they started the group in August 1997. From then, the group had developed programs such as the Kariton Klasrum which brought him and the team into being the 2009 CNN Hero Of The Year last 2009. Recently, the project was recognized by UNESCO as the most promising Education For All Program to be replicated across Asia-Pacific

Corporate Secretary: Glenis May Peñaflorida

She has been Dynamic Teen Company Volunteer for 17 years. Education Services Administration and Coordination (2016-2019) Kariton Open and Senior High School Teacher (2015-2019)

Treasurer: Rezcel Fajardo

Members of the Board

Ma Carmela Salonga

Mr. Arthur Araña

Ms. Susan Dimacali