November 4, 2016 at 3pm, the KarNov or Kariton Novaliches held a training for its new program and for the new volunteers. LEAP is a program for the students who were catered by the Kariton Klasrum last April-August.

This program helps the students study their difficult subjectsso that they can make it easier in school.
There were 24 volunteers who attend the event.
The program started by a prayer led by one of the volunteers.
It was followed by an activity led by Kuya Ryzan Ric Tirona. Participants were asked to write their expectations in the training, with their co-partocipants and as well as their commitment.
The representative per group explained what they wrote.

Kuya Zed Beightol (Supplies and maintenance head) was the next one who explained what LEAP is all about. The volunteers listened carefully and attentively.
Afterwards, Kuya Jake Fernandez (Unit Head) explained the intelligences of the students. These intelligences helped the tutors to know their students very well. The 9 Intelligences are: Body Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Visual Linguistic, Logical Mathematical, Naturalistic, Extrapersonal, Musical and Visual Spatial
Next was Kuya Jofett Lopez (VP for Programs and Events) who explained what were the responsibilities of the tutors to their tutees. What should the tutors do when their students are not listeninf carefully.
Kuya Justine led an activity for the volunteers. This activity was called “TrabaHayop”.
After the game, Ate Jean Frances Dapon (Educators Head) explain about what is LEAP Operation. She also explained about the proper flow of the session every Saturday and also she mentioned who are the leaders or head of this program.

The Program ended with the closing prayer led by one of the volunteer. After the prayer, they take a group pictures with the volunteers. The Attendees very happy because they leaned so many things for the LEAP program. The KarNov always praying for the next porgram so that may the Lord guide us and the program will be successful.

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