Cavite, Philippines – Kariton Open High School(KOHS) had their first educational tour last October 28, 2016 for this school year 2016-17. The students started their tour with BSP Money Museum where they learned more than just money: where and how it began and how it is made. Throughout the tour, the KOHS students were also brought back through time as they saw remarkable traces of Ancient form of money, Galleon Trade remains, and the money system from the revolution era up to present.


Their next stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Manila where the KOHS students enjoy themselves with arts. The guide also shares how artists express themselves with their work of art and how each and every artwork was carefully crafted and created. With this tour, the KOHS students expressed their creative side and were really amazed with the works of notable artists. Also, the students enjoyed their mobile gallery entitled FORTY where colorful works of art are displayed on the lower level of the museum.


Time to eat some lunch and their meal was provided by McDonald’s Philippines. This wonderful treat made the Educational tour a lot more memorable. Definitely, the students were Lovin’ it!


Science comes Alive, again! This is what the KOHS students experienced for the third time with their last stop, The Mind Museum. A three-hour, fun-filled, self-exploration museum that started off with Science-in-the-Park which is a thousand-square meter outdoor source of science fascination. The park consists of four main play pockets: Water, Math, Music, and Living. Then the students went inside the museum itself where it will take you to their five exhibits namely Atom, Earth, Life, Universe and Technology and their travelling exhibit The Teenage Brain. One of the most amazing thing inside the mind museum is their fun science experiment demonstration where the students learn more of handwashing experiment and awareness. Their last treat for the students is one of their travelling exhibitions, the Science Circus where students enjoy the circus in relation with science.



Highlights of K.O.H.S. Educational Tour

Kariton Open High School would like to thank: BSP Money Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, McDonald’s Philippines and The Mind Museum.

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